Asia’s Chief Executive Perspectives

The Council’s second annual survey, conducted in September- October 2007, found increasing (and, as it turned out, well-founded) concern among members about the global economy. Other issues of concern were of a long-term nature. These included:

  • The availability of a high quality work force—education quality, and entrepreneurship and innovation—remains a top issue for the region and also has the greatest impact on the executives’ own businesses
  • The economies of China and the US and the relationships between these continue to be the most important geo-political issues for the region and for respondents’ own businesses
  • China saw the most investment activities in the last 12 months (64% of respondents invested there); also high on the list were India (36%), US (25%), Vietnam (25%) and Singapore (22%)
  • Although 64% report investing in China in the last 12 months and 69% plan increased investment in the next 1-3 years, the comparable figures last year were higher, 77% and 85% This decline may suggest a slight cooling in China’s FDI
    • In terms of investment momentum, India and Vietnam showed the biggest jumps:
    • In India, 37% of respondents invested last year, but 45% expect to invest within the next three years
    • In Vietnam, 25% invested in the past 12 months while 42% expect to invest in the next three years

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