Asia’s Chief Executive Perspectives

The Asia Business Council’s third annual survey, conducted in September and October 2008, revealed members’ economic outlook and investment plans, as well as perspectives on 56 issues in the areas of energy and the environment, finance and business, macroeconomic and geo-political developments, and social trends affecting the Asian business environment and the executives’ own businesses.

Highlights of the survey findings are as follows:

  • Overall outlook has become more pessimistic—three-quarters of respondents felt that business conditions in Asia will worsen in the next 12 months
  • Both inflation and recession are seen as key threats to Asia
  • China’s economy is becoming more important relative to the U.S. economy, while the relationship between the two is perceived to be of declining importance
  • While access to quality HR is still important, access to capital markets has become a major concern
  • Oil and gas prices and energy efficiency are considered very important to business in Asia as well as members’ own businesses

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