Asia’s Chief Executive Perspectives

The Asia Business Council conducted its eighth annual survey of members asking about their economic outlook and investment plans. This year, members were more upbeat than in 2012, although optimism was tempered by concerns of a Chinese slowdown. Japan was mentioned as a positive element, where Abenomics loose monetary and fiscal policy coupled with structural reform has spurred hopes of sustained growth. The survey also found a rising concern about geopolitical issues and continued concern about attracting and retaining talented employees.

  • Among Asia Business Council members, 39% believed business conditions will improve over the next 12 months, an increase from our surveys in 2012 (25%) and 2011 (33%).
  • When asked about the greatest economic problem facing Asia, more than a third of members (35%) responded that they believed it was recession.
  • While China is still the most favored country to invest in among members, that number has declined in the past year from 65% to 41%, excluding members from China.

For an executive summary of the survey results, please click on the link below: