In Asia, as a more internet-savvy and health and environmentally conscious consumer takes center stage, emerging technologies are offering new opportunities and innovative solutions for people from diverse backgrounds and geographies. The pandemic has resulted in the increased use of digital technologies, and Asia is home to more digital consumers than any other continent. This combination of factors translates into promise for three emerging technologies that this briefing explores: the metaverse, a network of virtual worlds that is still far from realized, but which, along with Web 3, will be shaped by Asian consumers and provide new employment opportunities in the creator economy; medtech, an area of vast potential from the standpoint of better AI drug discovery and diagnostics; and food tech, specifically alternative proteins which have gained traction amid increased consumer awareness of the link between diets, health, and climate change. A close look at these technologies suggests that there is something for everyone in the global middle class. While exclusive NFTs or advanced AI applications in healthcare may only be available for a select group, examples abound of people from a wide range of backgrounds and income levels who are benefitting from these technologies – blockchain gaming can promote financial inclusion for unbanked populations in developing countries, mobile apps can provide health services for patients in rural areas, and alternative protein companies can offer affordable culinary options to environmentally-conscious consumers. Shifting demographics in Asia and the changing face of the Asian consumer are such that these three areas are poised to shape the Asian economy for decades to come.