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What People Say About Building Energy Efficiency: Why Green Buildings Are Key to Asia’s Future (affiliations at time of publication).

“It is heartening to find that the Asia Business Council has focused on the energy efficiency of buildings in Asia. This report is extremely valuable, particularly since the Asian region is experiencing a building boom, and correct designs and building practices at this stage can ensure energy efficiency and limitations on emissions of greenhouse gases for decades to come.”

R K Pachauri, PhD
2007 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate & Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

“The many examples of economically efficient and environmentally friendly buildings in this study show that many businesses in Asia have been raising standards through their own actions, and that an increasingly sophisticated market is showing a preference for higher-performance buildings. This has important implications for the building and property industry in the region.”

Qin Xiao
China Merchants Group, China
Vice Chairman, Asia Business Council

“Sustainable development is not just the preserve of governments, NGOs, policy makers or greenies. Everyone has a part to play: businesses, consumers, teachers, parents, children and every conceivable institution and organization. This Asia Business Council publication, Building Energy Efficiency: Why Green Buildings Are Key to Asia’s Future, is both timely and a good start made by Asian businesses.”

Lim Chee Onn
Executive Chairman
Keppel Corporation Ltd, Singapore
Trustee, Asia Business Council

“The high-speed, fast-paced building boom in Asia is one where architectural design and marvelous appearances should now be refocused to concentrate on energy efficiency and ‘green movement’ considerations. Buildings should consider the four Rs: redesign, rethink, recycle, and reduce so that construction is in line with the essential elements of efficiency.”

Douglas Tong Hsu
Chairman and CEO
Far Eastern Group, Taiwan

“This is the first comprehensive study in Asia examining the opportunities for governments, businesses, NGOs and individuals to improve energy efficiency in the building sector. This wide-ranging work shows both market-based solutions and promising policy approaches to achieve the increasingly important goal of dramatically improved building energy efficiency. Global warming and climate change are amongst the most important issues that have to be faced and addressed by both the developed and the developing countries. Energy efficiency, water recycling and building materials have received very little attention so far. If we are to avoid a catastrophic climate change, we have to limit global warming within the 2° centigrade limit. If every building that is built or renovated can be a green building, certified to meet international standards, saving energy and water, then we can have a significant solution to global warming. Green buildings will be a major contributor to sustainable development.”

Jamshyd N. Godrej
Chairman & Managing Director
Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd., India

“This important study provides compelling reasoning that improving the energy efficiency of buildings can significantly help China and other Asian countries to address both energy security and environmental challenges and to secure social and economic development.”

Levin Zhu Yunlai
Chief Executive Officer
China International Capital Corp., China

“This book is the first Asian look at what is quickly becoming a significant international trend. Examples of green buildings in Asia in Building Energy Efficiency: Why Green Buildings Are Key to Asia’s Future give it a useful corporate perspective while the detailed comparison of relevant government policies across the region will prove a useful reference for policy makers throughout Asia.”

Stan Shih
Chairman & General Partner
iD SoftCapital, Taiwan
Trustee and Chairman Emeritus, Asia Business Council

“The study concentrates on market-based solutions to an important aspect of the energy and environmental challenges the region faces. Buildings account for nearly one-third of energy use and a similar proportion of total global greenhouse gas emissions. More than half of the world’s new construction is taking place in Asia. Studies estimate that China and India could cut current building energy consumption by 25 percent simply by using energy more efficiently. Similar savings are available for many other Asian countries.”

Narayana Murthy
Chairman & Chief Mentor
Infosys Technologies, India
Chairman, Asia Business Council

“As Asia experiences continuing economic and population growth, we must put greater emphasis on more efficient energy use. The Asia Business Council’s far-reaching report on better resource utilization should be of wide interest to readers throughout the region.”

Lee Woong-Yeul
Kolon Group, South Korea

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